sábado, 20 de agosto de 2016

Crypts of breeding bastardy

Amalia Grimaldi

Coffee and Carnivals
Sugar cane, coco nut candies
And the carnal tropical mania: soul and flesh.
Smelly and sweaty in its instinct
 Brings new auguries
And the essence of vague instincts
Accomplishes the air of certainties.
Salvador, mysterious alleys of narrow streets
tower house) fleetingCrypts of breeding bastardy
Vague boredom of early warm afternoons.

Up hills, down hills, drummed nights and days
And singing from noisy distant merchants
Whispering winds and fluttering banners 
The church, and the “turibulum” of vague frankincense.
A polished symbol of earlier vanished spontaneity.
I grew up between the treasuries of greatest wealth:
The popular imagination and consecrated faith
Between the kingdom and the colony. 

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