sábado, 20 de maio de 2017

A vast ocean, a torrid desert, and a solitary promontory, only the earth beauty. Mind and spirit, time for reverence.

The infinite way of meeting the challenge of survival. The ability to endure attuned to the cosmic order,

The cosmic time - and the sense of wonder, forever searching, a mystery that man cannot comprehend...

Comprehend nature’s dynamic energy, and creating desires beyond ability to produce, demanding power.

Today, I see myself in an insatiable desire for speed, to finishing things. Ah, Time – again, a sequence of fortuitous circumstances. 

Time – again, a sequence of fortuitous circumstances. The garden I’ve been cultivating, dreams and silence, time for reverence, a procession of energy, my time of freedom.

Gasp and sagging
And time flies on time